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If you have any of the below and would like to be considered for publication on the Retail Times website please get in touch.

• Retail news stories
• Retail surveys and reports
• Retail analysis
• Opinion and comment on the retail sector
• Product launches
• Retail technology
• Executive and senior hires or moves within the industry
• Retail conferences
• Exhibitions and events
• General enquiries

We receive a large number of PR submissions for inclusion on Retail Times.
Sadly many don’t make it past the 1st hurdle. This is due to copy being stuffed with irrelevant links and/or the content being of no value, nor of interest to our readers e.g. blatant product/website promotion.

For the best chance of publication on Retail Times please provide:

– A short, personalised introductory paragraph as to what the release is about, it helps us sort the wheat from the chaff.

– Product releases are better served if we can view or sample the item prior to us writing about it.

– Professionally written and formatted copy to include subtitles, subheadings, and captions (where approprate).

– Images in webp (preferred), png, or jpg format that supports your article, brand or product.

Image copyright, any image you supply for publication must have express consent from the image provider, or owner, or source for it to be published on Retail Times.

Please Note:

*Articles published in Retail Times are normaly indexed, among other leading search engines, in Google search, and Google news. Our news articles are also distributed across the web via various relevant news feeds and aggregators.

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